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Ow Fit brings you one of the best quality leggings, capris, and shorts at good prices. Whether you are looking for fashionable, casual or sporty, our vast range of specially designed fitness clothing is at your fingertips. All orders are tailor-made and most delivered to your door. Ow Fit is a respectable sportswear manufacturer originally from Medellin, Colombia. We never stop growing, dreaming, and designing stylish workout apparel for ladies on the go. Thus, we distribute our genuine products to the UK and Europe as well as Canada , United States,  Central and South America. We offer incredible prices for the fantastic quality

Types & Sizes

Leggings Size Chart

You can have all of our designs in these three styles

Mid Waistband: (S - M )

Our one size classic leggings. 

High Waistband: (S - M )

It is like our Mid waistband leggings but with a little bit more of waistband size to make sure you can have that extra comfort.

Plus: (L - XL ) 

This Size is perfect for Women a bit bigger than size 10 that want to feel really good.

You can have all of our designs in all three of these types.

Forget about ordinary



The reasons include the following:

High-tech breathable fabrics;

Elastic waistbands;

Hand-picked anatomic design;

Our Leggings

OWFit gym gear for women

You can’t go wrong investing in a well-dressed sleek silhouette whether you are going to hit the gym or a high-end Pilates studio. All our fitness clothing is versatile. You can pick up a pair of plain black or blue leggings and add an oversized sweater with abstract print to create your unforgettable look for a night out with your friends. If you strive to purchase a vivid apparel to wear instead of denims, then pick out the best stretch pants that turn heads. Buying with us online is always a great deal. Ow Fit reshapes the leggings fashion! Enjoy the most comfortable, colourful, endurable one size leggings made to fit most of the sizes with amazing high quality fabrics, try once and you will agree that one size fit them all. You can use it for your Yoga sessions, Pilates, CrossFit, any Gym activity even outdoors sports or running. These will always make you feel good whilst you practice any discipline or any sports.